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  • Effective leaders use the Skill Will Matrix to take stock of where individuals in their team are and how they can use this to optimise performance. If you fail to take stock, or your evaluation of where individuals are is in incorrect, your leadership approach may not match, which in turn can affect performance.

  • We all operate along a continuum between rational and defensive and rational behaviour. When we’re feeling rational, we feel relaxed and positive. When our defences are triggered, we start to become less flexible, emotionally and physically. Everyone’s triggers are different.

  • Authentic is defined as being “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.” There has been considerable hype and focus on authentic leadership in recent years but many Leaders remain confused about what it is and why you should pay attention to it.

  • Mindfulness is more than meditation. A common question we get asked is how mindfulness works or is it just a hype? Last week was Mental Health Awareness week and with huge demands and pressure today in the workplace what better time to practice and learn about mindfulness.

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