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  • We know that Leadership is important. But do we really understand what it takes to be a great leader? More importantly are we willing to dig deep, to do the work on ourselves, to benefit the organisation?...

  • Many organisations today are struggling to attract and retain top talent. Diversity and Inclusion is an increasing priority and organisations are now starting to see this as a critical Talent Management issue. There are significant benefits of having a more diverse workforce including; innovation, collaboration and productivity....

  • Gender equality in the workplace is one of the most significant issues facing employers right now. Most companies recognise the need for gender-balanced teams, especially at the top of the organisation, but some can struggle to understand the best way to achieve this balance. Here,......

  • Effective leaders use the Skill Will Matrix to take stock of where individuals in their team are and how they can use this to optimise performance. If you fail to take stock, or your evaluation of where individuals are is in incorrect, your leadership approach may not match, which in turn can affect performance....

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