3 Steps to Turning your Start-up into a Movement

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3 Steps to Turning your Start-up into a Movement

Every entrepreneur wants to build something greater than themselves. It’s an exciting but sometimes lonely road. You want to inspire people to see the future potential of your business. You want to show them the path ahead so they can come along with you.There are 3 elements of communication that are key in a start-up business. Start your very own movement by:

  • Attracting followers
  • Unleashing your personal power
  • Influencing power-brokers

But first, take a step back before you step forward. Think for a moment about who you want to attract and influence. Think of the message you want to communicate to them.

1.   Attracting followers

You have invested so much sweat and time into your business. You have a great product or service; but what it really comes down to is; do you have the personal power to get the right people onboard to get you tomarket? You don’t have the money to ‘buy’ people; you don’t have the position to direct people.
What you do have is the power and the passion within you. You know you can’t do this alone. You need followers; people who believe in you and what you are doing. You can’t get followers until you give people a reason to follow you.
Understanding what your unique personal power is and how to use it is the key.

2.   Unleashing your personal power

Everyone can see the passion and enthusiasm you have to change the world around you. Take time to practice clearly articulating and projecting that passion; start with the following questions and practice answering these with purpose and passion over and over:

1. Where do you and your business want to be in 12 months? What does your future look, feel, taste and smell like?

2. Why does this company/product exist? Who would care if it disappeared tomorrow?

3. What do I stand for? Do you have integrity? Are you honest? Do you really put your customers first? Do you go the extra mile? Do you know what the extra mile looks like? Is this venture just a gap filler until the next bright thing comes around?

3.   Influencing power-brokers

Your product or service won’t talk for itself. Starting a business is a ‘Contact Sport’. Irrespective of effort you put in, success comes down to how effectively you influence new customers, potential investors or the bank.

Do you really know these players? Can you think and speak like they do? Do you know what makes them tick? Can you get them to say, ‘Yes, I’m on board and here is what I will do for you’?

It is a skill to influence your audience so they see and hear who you are. Using language they understand is something you must master to get your product or service to users. Stop and really think about the people you need to influence to move your business forward.

Your passion for your product or service will never be in question. Your enthusiasm to succeed will never be in question. Your will and drive to go to the edge will never be in question.

Help people in their decision to follow you or invest in you. Tell them exactly why your company exists, articulately and with passion. Know what your values are and what you stand for. Use our passion to inspire others to want to follow you and you can turn your start-up into a movement… just like the guy in this video… Starting a movement


Eddie O'Connell

With over 25 years’ experience in Marketing and Management Services, 16 of which were spent in the Asian Market, Eddie brings his international flair and multi-cultural understanding to his consultation, coaching and facilitation interactions. As a highly competent Culture & Communications Specialist Eddie has worked with Senior International Managers from large multinationals right across the world on a one to one and group basis helping them integrate with various Business Cultures. At OMT Global, Eddie sits on the Board of Management and has led a global roll out of a retail excellence programme to over 45 countries for the world’s leading travel retailer. He has also developed a global associate network of over 80 associates. Eddie enjoys working with OMT because of the diversity across the team and the support given to each individual. Eddie has a true passion for developing people, helping them to better understand themselves and become a better, stronger and more capable people.

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