Christina Karapanou

Christina Karapanou

Christina is a licensed Health Psychologist-Psychotherapist with 24 years of experience in Medical Training & Coaching. She specialises in Medical Skills training programs, behavioral development, Patient-Doctor Communication Skills, and Chronic Disease Handling Approaches.

She has also worked extensively as a Leadership Skills and organisational consultant for several Pharma companies in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa for the last 15 years.

Christina is an Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Medical University of Athens and an associate Behavioral Analyst at the Stanford Huberman Neuroscience Lab. Additionally, she has a private practice as a therapist and works as a freelance Leadership Trainer and Coach for various multinational companies.

She is a Master Trainer for ABBVIE and has been an active collaborator as a certified facilitator for the last 11 years, working along as an OMT Global Associate for more than 11 years. Christina works with teams to support their personal growth and development and is also an associate of multifunctional patient groups to support Health Psychology and well-being when dealing with chronic illness.

In her free time, Christina enjoys reading books, travelling around the world, and spending time with her cats and kids.

Christina Karapanou
Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within control. And some things are not”. - Epictetus
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