Olivia O’Reilly

Olivia O’ Reilly

As a high-energy and purposeful Director of Client Services, Olivia brings a dynamic blend of passion, determination, and strategic vision to every endeavour. She is a dedicated leader with a focus on people and business development, committed to igniting growth, enabling cultural change, driving engagement, and nurturing leadership potential at every level.

Her true passion lies in empowering individuals to realise their potential and guiding businesses through transformation, growth, and development. Olivia’s experience over the past 25 years spans a diverse spectrum, from collaborating with startups and entrepreneurs to partnering with SMEs, multinationals, and government bodies. Olivia has had the privilege of working across various industries and global markets, adapting her expertise to each unique challenge.

As a persuasive leader with strong emotional intelligence, her interpersonal and communication skills enable her to forge meaningful connections and drive change effectively. Olivia’s career path has honed a rare combination of skills encompassing sales, marketing, project management, consultancy, facilitation, and leadership.

When not at work, Olivia discovers tranquillity in nature, relishing walks through forests, by lakes, sea, or tending to her garden. She adores the water, swimming, and leisurely boating. A culinary enthusiast, she crafts delightful dishes and loves hosting for family and friends, creating memorable moments. Her adventurous spirit leads her to new places, curious about the diverse experiences and people she encounters.

Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda
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