Saskia Rudolph

Saskia is a professional with expertise in Positive Psychology, which focuses on personal strengths, motivation, communication styles, commitment, and mental and physical health.

She is a consultant, lecturer, and concept developer, and has been a managing director and partner of Spiegelneuronen since 2016. Spiegelneuronen is a company that researches what makes life worth living and conveys Positive Psychology knowledge in keynote talks, workshops, incentives, projects, and publications.

They provide information on stress and burn-out prevention, Positive Leadership, Positive emotions, time-outs, breaks, and mindfulness, engagement, recognizing individual strengths, and relationships. Saskia Rudolph emphasizes the importance of social networks and teams, support, communication culture, humanity in the digital age, living with the “new normal,” and meaningfulness.

She also provides guidance using strengths for a higher purpose, achieving meaningful goals, increasing self-esteem, motivation, and satisfaction, and confidently handling changing challenges and the future of work.

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