Building a High Performance Organisation? Answer WHY First

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Building a High Performance Organisation? Answer WHY First

You want your company to be known as “High Performance Organisation”. You know that company culture and leadership matter. You also know that robust performance management and employee buy-in are important, but where exactly do you start if you want your business to get all those pieces to fit together?

Leaders in business do not just stumble across high performance. They plan for it. They implement a strategy. They know why they do what they do and why it matters.


If you construct a strategy around this and you will begin to build a high performance business.


Shape Your Strategy around WHY

Before you think about how you are going to turn your organisation into one which outperforms its peers and gets results. You need to think about why you do what you do in the first place to paraphrase Simon Sinek. What drives you? What is your purpose? Why do you exist? Who do you serve? The love of the work? The wish to make positive changes? The excitement of creating a new service, product or approach? What are your values? How do we want to interact with one another and our customers?


What is your vision of the future?

Strategies do work. They work when you believe in them when you own them and drive them forward. Belief is the key to succeeding. If you show belief, empower and grow your people your business will thrive. Once you are clear on why you exist, what your values are and what your vision of the future is, you can shape your strategic plan around these.

High Performance Organisations know why they exist and what their fundamental purpose is. They have leaders with vision who use that enthusiasm to bring others with them, to make strategies work.


At OMT Global we have devised Strategy Accelerator, an integrated process, which guides, shapes and produces business strategies in partnership with clients. Contact us to discuss how your business can move from the mid-performance table to one which outperforms peers at every level.

Richard McCarthy

Richard joined OMT in 1998 and is head of Consultancy Services following a 14 year international career in project management, financial control and various management development roles. Richard specialises in working with Senior and Middle Management, focusing on critical Organisational Development Initiatives such as Strategy Development & Implementation, Change Management, and the roll-out of extensive Management & Leadership Development Programmes and One to One Executive Coaching. His previous work across Europe and Africa has helped him understand the impact of organisational culture, and change on managers’ ability to deliver successful results. Richard enjoys the challenge he gets from his work, especially working with clients who face difficult strategic choices or need to develop new skills & behaviours. Richard believes the rewards are satisfying when you know you have made a meaningful contribution.

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