Hiring for the future – ignore this post at your peril

Hiring for the future

Hiring for the future – ignore this post at your peril

Learning as we know it has changed forever. We are going through a learning revolution. Data and creativity lead the way in todays’ learning organisation.

The migration of the best and brightest talent to want to work in startups  reflects their desire to constantly be creating and innovating.  This has massive implications for Talent Management.

Ken Robinson said passion+ aptitude = being in your element. People who love what they do…” this isn’t what I do, it’s who I am.”

John Seely Brown  framed today’s mindset:

“I am what I create, what I share, and what others build on.” Cammy Bean has done great full notes from his talk.

There is a fundamentally new kind of individual entering the job market:

  • More interested in learning than salary
  • Adaptable and mobile
  • More interested in start ups
  • Risk taker
  • An entrepreneurial learner
  • Technically sophisticated and social adept.
  • She won’t want to work in the traditional workplace environment.

When ordinary people find their passion, extraordinary things happen.  This is our challenge.

Sinead Quinn

Sinead joined OMT 5 years ago and is a Digital Marketing Executive. She specialises in Digital Marketing and manages key marketing activities. She creates and designs compelling marketing campaigns that speak directly to our customers. Sinead works closely right across the organisation to help develop the business. Sinead’s previous roles were based in the sporting industry, customer care and sales and marketing. She has a true passion for Digital Marketing and developing business, however, Sport still plays an integral part in her life. Sinead enjoys working with people and being part of such a tight-knit, passionate and experienced team.rator.