OMT Global

How we build high performance

OMT works closely with your senior leaders to identify and quantify high performance gaps. We engage with your people to plan and map out the talent development and process transformation solutions to bridge these gaps.

Client outcomes

OMT works with managers to drive measurable results. Find out how your organisation could benefit from 20%+ leadership competency enhancement, increased sales conversions and improved performance.


Our white papers take an in-depth look at your common management issues to provide you with some new ideas and practical advice. We cover topics such as leadership, change management, innovation, employee engagement, impact and influence.

Why talk to OMT?

Imagine improving the performance of all your people to near or equal to that of your best. Determine what that would mean for your costs, revenue and profit. Contrast that with your current situation. Then ask yourself, what is the difference costing me per day?



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