How Mood Can Impact Team Performance

Mood Hoovers

How Mood Can Impact Team Performance

Emotional Contagion is one’s ability to influence the emotions and behaviors of others. This happens between people and is especially prevalent where people know each other very well and teams who have worked together for a long time.

Attitude is comprised by many factors – our physiology, thoughts, feelings, demeanour and mood.

Attitude is contagious and can spread like a virus…

With so much uncertainty and change at the moment, it’s hard to stay positive and “we are all entitled to an off day”.  However, if it happens on a regular basis, it can be exhausting, draining and detrimental to the overall performance of your team.

No matter how great your vision is or how positive you are, if you want your team to succeed, you need to manage “mood hoovers” within your team.


Mood Hoover

Suck the life out of the room.  No matter how competent they are in their role, they are destructive, bring negativity to any situation and bring the rest of the team down – “misery loves company”.

  • Grumpy
  • Sad
  • Focus on the negative
  • Critical
  • Suck the joy out of a room
  • Others try to avoid them


Mood Radiator 

Are warm, positive and welcoming.  They see the good in things and create a good vibe around them.

  • Positive
  • Happy
  • Focus on good
  • Can-do attitude
  • Encouraging
  • Others are drawn towards them


How to manage mood hoovers within the team:

  • Don’t avoid the issue – engage with them through one to ones
  • Raise their awareness of the impact of their mood, by providing feedback
  • Agree with them what positive behaviours you expect
  • Create a safe space away from others where they can vent and process negativity
  • Continue to manage and motivate them
  • Don’t feed the beast – this includes tolerating poor behaviour
  • Manage your mood – if you are their leader, be aware of how you show up. How you are giving them permission to be the same and gets copied!


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