Improve your Organisation’s Performance with Quality Conversations

Quality Conversations

Improve your Organisation’s Performance with Quality Conversations

Why do we need Quality Conversations?

The ability to facilitate effective conversations is critical at every level of leadership. It is through conversation that managers communicate strategy, develop new ideas, engage and motivate employees.

For employees to understand their critical role in improving organisation performance communication must be an authentic two way process. There are 5 questions that employees need answered on a continual basis

  1. What’s my job
  2. How am I doing?
  3. Does anyone care?
  4. How do we (our team) fit in?
  5. How can I help?

In today’s hectic work environment, it is crucial that these questions are addressed.  Pro-active, conversation based, feedback is needed on a regular basis.

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What is a Quality Conversation?

Feedback that is free from strong emotion, focuses on gaps in performance and clearly outlines expectations is at the core of quality conversations. Talking builds relationships in ways that email and other forms of communication simply cannot. Managers must get out and do the “walk and talk round,” finding opportunities for authentic engagement with staff.

We have all felt the surge of positive energy, following a conversation when we have had a chance to share our ideas, discuss and create solutions, receive feedback and plan projects. This synergy created by quality conversations drives performance.

Let’s take a look at an example

Ferrari lead the race on high performance in their field.  However, recently, they became concerned that indiscriminate use of email was slowing down its employees performanceThis has lead them to introduce radical limits on internal email.

Since July, group emails can be sent to no more than three recipients. The bold move was to “incentivise more efficient and direct communication”. Or, simply put, they want their “employees to talk to each other more and write less.”

Many organisations have developed a culture where the process of doing email is doing work. According to this report from the McKinsey Global Institute, the average person spends 13 hours or 28 % of our work week, reading, deleting, sorting and sending emails.

Is your organisation being stifled by the volume of internal email?  Do staff email the colleague next to them rather than simply ask them a question? Do managers use email to delegate tasks; missing the opportunity to give performance feedback? Are managers losing the skill of engagement because so much time is being spent on email?

Ask yourself… how can I create more opportunities in my organisation for Quality Conversations?

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