Managing Millennials, maybe the problem is you, not them

Coaching Accelerator

Managing Millennials, maybe the problem is you, not them

Imagine how it would feel to create an epidemic of collaboration and peer based problem solving in your organisation.   Imagine the return on investment of creating a culture in which coaching, across your teams, up and down the organisation is not only in the mission statement, but a reality of peoples’ day to day interactions.

That’s the ideal workplace of a typical millennial.  

Is that how it feels to work in your organisation?

Introducing OMT Globals’ Coaching Accelerator… exactly what your organisation has been waiting for!

What is it?

Coaching Accelerator is a fully blended training programme that develops the core coaching skills of people managers.

Who is it for?

Designed with millenials in mind, this programme is for organisations who want to successfully create and sustain a coaching culture within their teams and across their organisation.

How is it different?

The first fully blended learning approach to coaching, supported by our online Learning Management System (LMS), the program involves a mix of workshops, 1 to 1 coaching sessions, peer assessments and online boosters.

The program features our unique Coaching Accelerator Toolkit. Using our PLAN model, our approach accelerates learning, maximises retention and builds a new coaching habit.  Managers who complete the programme will have a framework for improved delegation, decision making and accountability.  Team members will feel involved, heard, guided and valued.

This programme guarantees results.

The feeling of collaboration and motivation across your team will speak for itself as the general mood and motivation levels steadily rise.

In addition, our LMS reporting system processes pre and post programme data allowing us to analyse and present results in real and meaningful terms for your business.

See attached PDF for more information about the Coaching Accelerator programme.

Mark Doyle

Mark became joint owner of OMT in 2004. As Chief Executive, he is responsible for the day to day management of the business and for the smooth delivery of our high performance programmes. Before OMT, Mark held a number of senior management positions across the finance sector, specialising in operations management, business transformation, project management, new product development and treasury management. Mark believes that OMT’s people are their key strength as a growing organisation. Their ability, commitment and passion are what make OMT truly different.

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