Managing Remote and
Hybrid Teams

Remote working has intensified over the past 12 months. We have all experienced the good, the bad and the in-between with hybrid working paving the way forward.


Managing Remote and Hybrid Teams requires not only a reflection on how teams are responding to the change but a reality check on the impact on this new way of working on the role of the manager and where you are spending most of your time.


This short programme works with managers of teams or groups. We delve into team connectivity through better inclusion and help to identify simple and effective actions to improve how you are managing remote and hybrid teams.


How to best navigate through change and uncertainty

Manage your emotions while understanding the emotions of others

Ensure your employees feel included and part of the team

How to flex and balance where you are spending your time

High impact communication and how to do it well

Improve employee productivity and motivation by checking in 

Get Access To Key Resources:

Checking in or Checking up

Tips to Manage Inclusion 

The Rational Defensive Triangle

OMT has had a huge impact on the Save A Lot leadership team.  I have seen everything put into action out in the field as the US moves through COVID-19 . I truly think our results would look extremely different if our teams were not equipped with the skills you and your team have worked so hard to train us on.”


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