Rational Defensive Triangle

Rational Defensive Triangle

The Rational Defensive Triangle helps you to assess your emotional reactions and identify ways to manage or control these more effectively.

Rational Behaviours: Aware, Present, Listening, Calm, Flexible.

Defensive Behaviours: Unaware, Distracted, Poor Listening, Tense, Rigid.

Understanding your position on the triangle can help in:

  • Growing your self-awareness.
  • Control and manage your feelings or emotions – avoiding pinballing up and down through emotions.
  • Step back in a stressful situation even when we think we are rational.
  • Understanding yours and others triggers and learn to flex and adapt.
  • Everyday life.

How can we use the model to manage your emotions, recognise when we are going up the triangle and spend more time at the bottom of the triangle?

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Paula Nugent

With over 25 years’ experience in Learning and Development in Retail, Financial Services and Customer Services in Ireland and the UK, Paula has held a number of Consultant and Management roles. She has extensive experience in the fields of consultancy, learning design, facilitation and coaching and prides herself on a partnership approach with clients. Paula has expertise across a broad range of individual, organisational and team development interventions, and is highly skilled in bringing objectives and goals to life through creative, authentic and engaging design and facilitation. Paula specialises in programme development in the areas of Leadership and Management Development and Retail Service and Sales skills and behaviours.

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