High Performance Teams

When people come together with the right mindset, experience, willingness, and attitude, you can achieve remarkable results.

Bringing the team together is the start. Inspiring, motivating, and truly leading them is a constant challenge especially during change.

At OMT Global, we go far beyond team-building events. These may deliver a quick fix of positivity and dynamism, but this rarely translates into a sustained change in the workplace. Instead, we maximise team effectiveness by identifying and building on your team’s current strengths and instilling skills and practices that promote long-term team effectiveness.

How we can help you:

  • What we can help solve:

    • Call out the things that are not working and develop a culture of enhanced teamwork and collaboration.
    • Ensure that your teams can recognise low performance, identify the issues, and develop a clear plan to become high-performing.
    • Equip your team members with the tools and skills to become a cohesive, collaborative team who have clear goals and get results.
    • Identify why a high-performing team has hit a rut or plateau, and ensure that they get back on track.

  • How we can help you:

    • Meeting the team to figure out what is really going on and figuring out together the key drivers for your team effectiveness.
    • Using the latest tools and models to help the team assess its current performance and create a plan for high performance.
    • Ensuring team engagement in developing the plan so that there is full buy-in from the beginning.
    • Embedding practices in the team (feedback, team agreements, meeting codes, etc) to ensure intensified communication and collaboration.

“OMT’s work with our senior leadership team to date has made a significant difference to the business. OMT quickly understood our needs and designed a team development programme that has not only helped create a more cohesive team but also delivers on the strategic agenda.”


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