Leadership and Management

We all know that good leadership and management drives performance and is key to improving an organisation’s bottom line. We also know it is a very tough role to lead, inspire, keep everyone motivated and drive profitability.

Many Leadership and Management programmes address well-versed topics in long programmatic forms, where you are expected to retain and practise everything. The challenge with this approach is that you lack either the time or the opportunity to practise in real life – and the moment to embed the change is lost.

At OMT Global, we develop leadership skills and capabilities right across the organsation from the frontline to senior executives.  We ensure that learning is customised to the overall business so that behavioural change becomes deeply embedded.

How we can help you:

  • What we can help solve:

    • Retain your talent and create a strong pipeline of leaders.
    • Ensure that your talent development is fully aligned with your organisation’s operations and practices.
    • Seek a combination of formal learning and real-life, on-the-job training.
    • Embed Leadership Development in your overall approach to learning and development.

  • How we can help you:

    • Delving into your key strategic drivers so that your development plan is carefully aligned with your organisation’s strategic goals.
    • Pushing your talent to step up and explore their leadership style, emotional landscape, and ability to change and grow.
    • Ensuring committed participants, who complete a range of programme challenges on the job so they can then apply their deep learning to real-world problems.
    • Prompting both mindset and behavioural change so that participants are empowered to contribute to your organisation’s success.

``We are delighted to have partnered with OMT Global for the design and implementation of our bespoke Leadership Development programme. Their proven experience, expertise and creativity ensured our programme had the right balance of theory and practice for our leaders. They took the time to understand our business and provided us with a dedicated team who carefully listened to our needs and supported us throughout our journey. We look forward to continuing our relationship and would strongly recommend them to any organisation.``

- Lufthansa Technik Shannon Ltd.

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