Candid Conversations


Having frank and honest conversations and maintaining open dialogue, when emotions run high can be hugely challenging and uncomfortable for many people. Often these important conversations are avoided or handled badly. Generally, they involve people with differing awareness, perspectives, perceptions, goals or interests.

If we can develop the ability to tell the truth with care, in these challenging situations, we can have better teamwork, relationships, performance and results. This workshop helps participants learn and develop key skills to communicate with radical candour, especially when dealing with difficult issues and individuals.


  • Learn how to actively bring issues to the surface.
  • Identify personal situations that are problematic.
  • Explore conditions to enable radical candour.
  • How to be direct but not overbearing.
  • Minimise or eliminate blame.
  • Develop precise questioning techniques to drive candid conversations.

Who is it for:

All Employees

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