Dealing with Difficult People


Difficult people are typically working from the negative side of their personality, rather than from a conscious desire to be difficult. These people are often unaware of themselves and how they may affect others. They also do not realise how harmful their actions are to their career success. At work, we are faced with trying to work with others who may challenge our ability to get things done. There is excellent value to be gained when we take the time to try to understand another’s viewpoint. By changing our attitude towards these ‘difficult’ individuals, we improve outcomes. This workshop will empower participants with the ability to do just this.


  • Describe behaviours that are harmful to career success.
  • Discover the motives behind those negative behaviours.
  • Identify ways we can cope with and address negative behaviours.
  • Assess whether someone is a difficult person.

Who is it for:

All Employees

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