Finance Fundamentals


Understanding financials is a critical skill for leaders but for many it can be a daunting topic. Finance Fundamentals  is designed to take the fear out of ‘financials’ by taking a very practical, case driven approach. The emphasis is on understanding financial data in the context of more effective decision making aligned to business needs.

This virtual programme will provide participants with a sound basis in the principles of financial management and financial skills.


  • Identify the different ways in which organisations manage their finances and explain the source and use of funds.
  • Explain the use and application of commonly-used financial terminology as they relate to the P&L, the balance sheet and cash flow statements.
  • Identify and address the practical implications of cash flow along with the sources and application of working capital funding.
  • Analyse and interpret financial reports in order to exercise financial judgement and make informed decisions.
  • Apply the tools and techniques of effective expenditure control, monthly reporting, variance analysis and management based on a sound understanding of how budgets are built and expenditure managed.

Who is it for:

Non-financial managers who want to obtain a sound knowledge of financial principles to allow them to navigate their way around financial reports and management accounts

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