Influencing Effectively in Virtual Meetings


If due to Covid-19 restrictions, you suddenly need to manage virtual meetings, we want to help set you up for success and support you, however we can.

Learning how to influence people who you now have remote relationships with, is important regardless of what industry you’re in and is a must-have skill for the future of work.

This short course will focus on how to get your virtual environment right, utilising best practice communication techniques including the art of persuasion, influencing effectively, telling the truth with care, managing feedback in virtual conversations and maximising the impact of our virtual communications.


  • Using technology to optimise interactions
  • Tactics for managing your virtual interaction well.
  • How best to run a virtual meeting with practical inputs from all participants.
  • Best practice skills for influencing at distance.
  • Communication etiquette for a virtual environment.
  • Influencing others appropriately.
  • Feedback skills in the remote environment.
  • Use of camera and screen sharing – best practice.
  • Managing participant interactions
  • Sustaining team and group cohesion.

Who is it for:

Managers of Virtual Teams


2 Hours

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