Managing Remote or Hybrid Teams


How do you successfully lead or manage a remote or hybrid team when you are in different locations and can’t see each other regularly? It is challenging. Things like body language, tone of voice, relevancy of communications and technology are all mixed in together. This programme will help you communicate more effectively with your remote and hybrid team members, developing a contact strategy, focusing on what issues to address, how to set up remote meetings, what to discuss and tips for making remote and hybrid workers feel part of the team.


  • Recognise the impact of remote and hybrid working on the role of the Manager.
  • Understand the difference between remote working and dispersed teams.
  • Consider how to navigate the change curve in response to sudden change.
  • Promote team connectivity through better inclusion.
  • Assess the impact of where you are spending your time as a leader.
  • Evaluate your performance against the 8 Functions of Leadership.

Who is it for:

People Leaders

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