Managing Stress


Stress can be a good thing – a little keeps us focused, motivated, and ready to tackle the next challenge; until it becomes too much or chronic. Surprisingly, our perception of stress is what can make it our worst enemy. In this workshop, participants will explore stress and how to better manage it through healthy living and thinking. Participants will be able to assess their current levels of stress, recognise their most sensitive stress points, and learn many strategies for ensuring that they are taking care of their mind and body, so that they can have the energy not only to meet daily demands but also to enjoy life.


  • Define stress and its role in our lives.
  • Understand the importance of our perception of stress.
  • Identify strategies for reducing unwanted stress.
  • Understand work/life balance.
  • Implement strategies for creating harmony in the work environment.

Who is it for:

All Employees

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