Mental Health and Wellbeing for Virtual Teams


Our mental health and well-being is being tested as this global Covid-19 crisis continues. We are working remotely where possible, or we may be in the front line maintaining essential services. How we are feeling as we swiftly adjust and readjust  to our new realities will have a direct impact on how well we respond, perform and interact with our colleagues, customers and our families. We all have a duty of care to follow the advice from our governments and health services. We all need to support each other more by listening a little more attentively, showing empathy and dialling up our emotional intelligence. As employers, you have a duty of care for the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff and are expected to be able to assess risk levels, while managing change and keeping your team motivated.


  • Understand the areas of responsibility around mental health.
  • Recognise how we show up under stress, and what to pay attention to.
  • Explore how to balance empathy with effectiveness.
  • Identify the early warning sign of mental health issues.
  • Learn how to have sensitive conversations.
  • Explore how can you keep your team feeling and performing well?

Who is it for:

People Managers

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