Women in Leadership


We believe that the starting point for any Women in Leadership programme should be understanding the specific issues for women in the organisation. We also believe that Women in Leadership should not just be a programme but an organisational change solution and approach. This programme supports a mindset shift to confidence, building impact and influence. It draws on best practice skills to articulate vision, inspire followers, manage key stakeholders and build a network of peer level women in Leadership. It is fully facilitated, highly interactive, discussion based, blending theory with best practice.


1.Review how women communicate and the impact on leadership.

2.Explore gender differences in styles of leadership.

3.Explore how to be heard.

4.Investigate the challenges of female leadership.

5.Career development and the blocks and barriers for women.

6.Conditioning and how it affects confidence.

7.Expectations of a female leader and how they impact career trajectory.

8.Doing power differently and making a difference to leadership in the organisation.

Who is it for:

Women Leaders/Aspiring Leaders

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  • Impact & Influence
  • Negotiation Skills
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