Workplace Wellbeing


The past year has highlighted even further the importance of workplace wellbeing. It relates to every aspect of working life, from physical health and safety, to how workers feel about the culture of the organisation, how work is organised, managed and workers opportunities for career development, emotional development, and lifelong learning.

Workplace wellbeing is a key factor in determining an organisation’s long- term effectiveness. Every employer has a duty of care to its employees. Improving workplace wellbeing has far reaching benefits, some of which include better employee engagement, higher performance and increased sense of purpose and motivation.


  • Explore physical and mental health in a workplace context.
  • Analyse your workplace environment/culture, is it supportive?
  • Recognise the importance of line manager engagement.
  • Learn about the role of emotional intelligence in wellbeing.
  • Identify opportunities for development and growth.

Who is it for:

Leaders, Senior Managers, Aspiring Leaders, People Managers

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