Test Richard McCarthy

Meet Richard McCarthy



Role – Director of Consultancy Services

Years Experience  – 35+

Project Management – Get it done, but properly

Leadership Style – Facilitative, Encouraging, Pragmatic

Industry Knowledge – Life Experience

Super Power – What are they really saying? Boil it down to brass tacks, Numbers

Specialist areas – The Leadership Development Journey, Executive Coaching, Strategic Thinking, Financial Acumen



Personality Type –  ENFJ, Yellow/Green, Extrovert/Task (Birkman)

Sport – Rugby, Soccer, Hurling, Basketball…. Anything other than horse racing

Food – Spanish Tapas, French Cuisine

Drink – Guinness, Argentinian Malbec, Jameson, Lots of Coffee

Film – Giri / Haji

Music – Eclectic – Maria Callas, Gorillaz, Rory Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys, Brad Mehldau, Arcade Fire, DMA’s, Verdi

Specialist subject – I’ve an opinion on everything

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