Giving Effective Feedback using the EEC Model

Giving Effective Feedback using the EEC Model

Giving Effective Feedback using the EEC


The most dreaded words for any employee – Can I give you Feedback?

A survey conducted by Gallup, states only 26% of employees say the feedback they receive improves their work.

As leaders, we sometimes hold back from providing negative feedback for fear of…

  • offending
  • not being liked
  • losing someone
  • upsetting working dynamics

These fears may tempt us to use the commonly used ‘sandwich’ feedback technique. It may be undermining your feedback in terms of improving performance and impact negatively your relationship with others.

So, what is a more effective feedback approach?

3 Steps to Giving Effective Feedback:

Preparation: Take time to prepare before you deliver the message

Delivery: Provide the feedback. This is where the EEC model comes in

Follow up: Following up on feedback is key, otherwise what was the point of giving it?


The EEC model helps you to structure constructive feedback to enable your team to perform at their best. It ensures that the feedback is clear, honest and open.


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