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We have a range of development programmes designed with you in mind. Each programme can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Talent Navigator

With the evolution of technology and the changing demographic of the workplace, organisations are faced with challenges to find, develop and retain talent. Organisations are transforming in many ways to meet these demands including a focus on providing an employee experience similar to the focus on customers, more explicit and obvious career opportunities and key projects and opportunities for development.

Our Talent Navigator™ is a simple and practical approach to talent management strategy.
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  • Ability to respond flexibly to the changing marketplace.
  • Retention of top talent.
  • Development of Leadership bench strength.
  • Promotion of a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and collaboration.
  • Higher engagement and trust levels providing what employees want and need from work beyond a salary.
  • Enhanced employer brand.

Talent Navigator – Talent Management Strategy

“Talent Navigator enabled us to capture all the current activities and future initiatives that will support the talent management programme and provided a framework for an executive level summary which brought visibility to the important elements, key points, deliverables and relationships needed to link our talent management strategy to our business strategy.”

– Retail Industry

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