Blended Learning

Get the most out of your learning.

Blended learning goes beyond just delivering training through a range of different ways. It’s about creating a learning experience that increases learner retention and engagement.

Organisations today know that a wide range of learning technologies, tools, and approaches are essential for a more effective learning experience. Learning and Development professionals, however, struggle to implement best practice and are often cautious in creating a fully blended learning strategy due to a lack of expertise, leadership support, and learner engagement.

Every organisation has its own unique mix of challenges and aspirations and we will provide you with the right blended mix for the most effective results.

Our blended learning solution integrates with our 4 step business approach to ensure your blended learning journey is streamlined and successful from start to finish.

Blended learning is an effective approach to learning and development. At OMT Global, we have the expertise to help you create a blended learning strategy that will help your employees perform at their best and maximising ROI.


We learn about your business challenges and where you most need help.

  • Organisational Health Check
  • Culture Health Check
  • Team Health Check
  • Individual and Team 360s
  • Engagement Surveys
  • Virtual Focus Groups


We design bespoke innovative solutions based on your organisations needs.

  • Client Branded LMS portal
  • Bespoke Blended Learning Solution
  • E-Learning Consultancy and Solutions
  • Programme Primer
  • Engagement Videos
  • Pre-Programme Benchmarking Questionnaires
  • Manager/Peer/Self Questionnaires


We deliver with you in mind to ensure the maximum transfer of learning.

  • LMS participant engagement and support
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Webinars
  • Microlearning
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Bespoke and Standard eLearning Solutions Delivery


We evaluate ROI focusing on agreed and tangible measures.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Online Evaluation
  • Manager/Peer/Self Benchmark Questionnaires
  • Health Check and surveys

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