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To create and sustain an outstanding customer experience you have to begin with developing outstanding staff.

Retail Accelerator

Our Retail Accelerator™ provides you with an innovative retail sales and service training process, with content that focuses on building sustainable change across the various levels of your business and operations.


  • Ensures management and employees are clear on the types of skills and attributes that are needed to align your brand image to the customer experience.
  • Training practices put in place that is adaptable to both a changing marketplace and a diverse workforce.
  • Provides a performance management process that enables you to identify and retain your best people in order to sustain your key market differentiation – your people!
  • Ensures you have a simple process to evaluate the everyday behaviours and skills on your shop floor, allowing managers to proactively observe and provide feedback to your staff.

What Our Clients Say

“In looking to design, deliver and evaluate a global retail sales training programme for our 11,000+ employees worldwide, we chose OMT Global for their innovation, high quality, flexibility and speed. A partnership that is growing in strength and results.”
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