Winning the Battle for Talent in 2014

Winning the talent battle

Winning the Battle for Talent in 2014

The war for talent is on. A quarter of UK workers state that they plan to take advantage of economic growth and move jobs in 2014. With 73% reporting that they don’t feel valued in their job and 41% citing lack of training and development opportunities – has the millennial effect kicked in?

Millennials or Generation Y have different expectations from work. 65% state that potential for personal development is the most influential factor in their current job. Millennials want feedback, responsibility and to carve out their own learning pathway. They learn by doing and learn with others.

According to the 70:20:10 model  we all learn socially. And on average 70% of our learning happens informally on the job. The challenge is in acknowledging and accrediting learning through experience. Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) has traditionally meant producing in depth evidence of past learning experiences.  However, online learning and corporate MOOCs, that use badges to accredit competencies, present a real opportunity for organisations to create learner pathways where the learner is in control and can create a record of both their formal and informal learning.

The role of the learning and development professional is changing. The ASTD Competency Study: Training & Development Redefined™, outlines how we are moving beyond the “role of deliverer of training to a facilitator of learning, content curator, information manager, and builder of learning communities”. The future challenge for learning facilitators is to design accredited programmes that are relevant and flexible, moving beyond the reliance on written assignments.

Organisations that provide genuine development opportunities including accredited learner centred programmes will win an important battle in the war for talent.

Sinead Collins

Sinead joined OMT in 2011 and is a Design and Marketing Executive. She specialises in managing key marketing activity. She creates and designs compelling marketing campaigns that speak directly to our customers. Sinead works closely right across the organisation to help develop the business.

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